One of the most dynamic and accomplished folk groups from Eastern Europe I've heard in a long time. Simon Broughton, Songlines, UK
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Čači Vorba is a «Gypsy fusion» band, freshly awarded with Polish "Folk Phonograme of the Year 2011" and Songlines'(UK) "Top of the World" for their second cd "Tajno Biav". The group specializes in traditional music from all Eastern Europe, from Carpathians to Balkans, "played with heart, spirit and knowledge" (Mundofonias, Spain) and clverly mixed with many musical genres. With a singer and violin virtuoso Maria Natanson, who, aged 15, left the classical music school and her parents' house, heading for the mountains in search for living Gypsy and Carpathian music, they've encountered a big European success of a debut cd «True Speech» (Oriente Musik, 2010): 'German Records Critics' Award', Songlines' 'Top of the World Album' (accompanied with the recent encore for the new one), #6 World Music Charts Europe, Swedish 'Lira Gillar' and many others.

Čači Vorba's original blend of impassionately treated tradition (Gypsy, Carpathian, Balkan), plenty of non-folk ideas, own compositions and «remakes», along with emotional lyrics written by the "gadji" artist in Romani language (Natanson) results in a refreshing approach to Gypsy music, far from beaten paths of brass bands and Balkan-beat — cheerful shuffling and rocky acoustic dance music, melancholic love songs, juicy arrangements full of subtle jazzy harmonies and clever «marriages» with other styles (minimalism, Caucassian, Middle Eastern, twist, French musette). All this called by musicians themselves «joc'n'roll» (Romanian «joc» - «to dance»).